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Maskoliūnas Family Project                       

         Maskoliūnas Šeima Projektas

The Maskoliūnas family enjoys a rich lineage of notable, enterprising, kindly individuals, educators, politicians; Catholic and Protestant and hard-working middle class people.  They have passed down a heritage rich in its diversity ranging from hearty, delicious Lithuanian cooking to music to hard work.

Maskoliūnas in Europe and the states have a spoken interest in genealogy — to find OUR ROOTS — to discover their personal genealogy, how their line is related to other lines and finding a common ancestry.

The PURPOSE of Maskoliūnas Family Project is to facilitate finding our Maskoliūnas roots and how we are related. We hope to share the lively memories of past, today’s joys and the hopes and dreams for the future.

The goals of the Maskoliūnas Family Project are to-

  • post information already gained
  • Provide methods for direct communication and sharing
  • Cooperate in working with the material on the site
  • search for the common links
  • aid Maskoliūnas in establishing their personal genealogy
  • produce an understanding of how we who bear the Maskoliūnas surname are cousins distantly
  • relate Maskoliūnas histories and personal stories
  • share Maskoliūnas recipes and musical compositions
  • introduce Maskoliūnas to Maskoliūnas
  • perhaps set up a Maskoliūnas reunion/union (s)
Pictured in the heading- is the village of Seisikai, Lithuania where my maternal grandfather Jacobus was born, the school from which he graduated, St. Bartholomew the Apostle Church in the village, and a road sign pointing in the correct directions.

Inscription on monument in a Seisikai park where the school was located:

Čia buvo 1885-1998 Mokykla       Dalele gyvenimo savo ir tu čia kadais palikai

[It was the 1885-1998 school   A little piece of your life and you’re there once upon a time you left]

Maskoliūnas Family Project.

The website address is:
Maskoliūnas (Маскалюнас) [Konevece (Kuncevičiūtę), Rila/Raila (Эва Райла), or Talanova]

  • Share family facts.
  • Find our roots.
  • Cousins relating to cousins.
  • Small pieces of information- including dates and locations of births, baptisms, marriages, military service, occupation, deaths, obituaries and burials is what is needed.
  • We are looking for individual profiles, pictures, stories, etc.

Our great grandchildren will have family information and it will not be lost somewhere !

Harv Hisgen 10060 Blue Sky Trail; Conifer, CO, 80433, US; 1-303-816-7424 {land}; 1-303-912-9939 {cell};
email- harv.pike@gmail.com; Skype name: harvhisgen


Here is how YOU can help-

  • Look through the various pages of our family’s website for names and relationships you may be familiar with.
  • Contact your relatives and let them know about what we have found and ask if there is items which can be added.
  • Any fact no matter how small should be sent to me.
  • If you have a paper or spreadsheet family tree, send it to me and I will start your tree on Ancestry and add to it as their computer gives me links. I have full membership in Ancestry, which means I can access electronic world archives. I also have access to the LDS Family History Center in Salt Lake, which is currently separate from Ancestry.com.
  • Within our families I communicate with “my genealogy buds” and work on individual trees to find common links. We have already linked four separate trees. I would be more than honored and grateful to start your tree on Ancestry or add to your tree.
  • Send me an invite to your MyGenie or Ancestry.com/Ancestry.de Tree if you have one or more. Please check “allow me to see living people.”
  • Suggest ways of improving the websites. As you will see- I am sharing recipes, stories and access to family photos. Send photos, photocopies, electronic scans of material. I will return photos very promptly and have for many who have already shared including Pistolpete, Hisgen House, and the Lithuanian Museum in Chicago.
  • I will set up a question/answer page using the email I receive for others to respond to.
  • Check back to the website every once in a while and help us more.