States, Counties, and Municipalities in Lithuania

States, Counties, and Municipalities in Lithuania Lietuva
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– There are 10 States in Lithuania (called counties in Lithuania.)
– Each State is divided into municipalities (called counties in the US.)
These municipalities are regions or districts, generally 4 to 8 in number, with a large town or city as the main municipality.
– Each municipality is further divided into elderships (called townships in the US.)

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Modern Lithuania is divided into 10 counties, 60 municipalities, and 546 elderships.

States/municipalities with the largest population (ranked) are:
1 – Vilnius city municipality 2 – Kaunas city municipality 3 – Klaipėda city municipality 4 – Panevėžys city municipality 5 – Šiauliai city municipality 6 – Alytus city municipality 7 – Birštonas municipality 8 – Palanga city municipality 9 – Visaginas municipality 10 – Neringa municipality


The 1st County is Alytus County        Capital Alytus
Area in km² (rank) 5,425 (6)
Population in 2001 census 187,769    Population in 2011 census (rank) 158,571 (7)
Population per km² (rank) 29.3 (8)
Municipalities 5 of them
Alytus city municipality, Alytus district municipality, Druskininkai municipality, Lazdijai district municipality, Varėna district municipality

The 2nd County is Kaunas County        Capital Kaunas
Area in km² (rank) 8,089 (3)
Population in 2001 census 701,529  Population in 2011 census (rank) 612,532 (2)
Population per km² (rank) 75.7 (2)
Municipalities 8 of them

Birštonas municipality,  Jonava district municipality,  Kaišiadorys district municipality,  Kaunas city municipality,  Kaunas district municipality,  Kėdainiai district municipality,  Prienai district municipality,  Raseiniai district municipality

The 3rd County is Klaipėda County        Capital Klaipėda
Area in km² (rank) 5,209 (7)
Population in 2001 census 385,768  Population in 2011 census (rank) 337,286 (3)
Population per km² (rank) 64.8 (3)
Municipalities 7 of them
Klaipėda city municipality,  Klaipėda district municipality,  Kretinga district municipality,  Neringa municipality,  Palanga city municipality,  Skuodas district municipality,  Šilutė district municipality

The 4th County is Marijampolė County        Capital Marijampolė
Area in km² (rank) 4,463 (8)
Population in 2001 census 188,634    Population in 2011 census (rank) 160,978 (6)
Population per km² (rank) 36.1 (4)
Municipalities 5 of them
Kalvarija municipality,  Kazlų Rūda municipality,  Marijampolė municipality,  Šakiai district municipality,  Vilkaviškis district municipality

The 5th County is Panevėžys County        Capital Panevėžys
Area in km² (rank) 7,881 (4)
Population in 2001 census 299,990    Population in 2011 census (rank) 254,218 (5)
Population per km² (rank) 32.3 (7)
Municipalities 6 of them

Biržai district municipality, Kupiškis district municipality,  Panevėžys city municipality,  Panevėžys district municipality,  Pasvalys district municipality,  Rokiškis district municipality

The 6th County is Šiauliai County        Capital Šiauliai
Area in km² (rank) 8,540 (2)
Population in 2001 census 370,096    Population in 2011 census (rank) 305,792 (4)
Population per km² (rank) 35.8 (5)
Municipalities 7 of them
Akmenė district municipality,  Joniškis district municipality,  Kelmė district municipality,  Pakruojis district municipality,  Radviliškis district municipality,  Šiauliai city municipality,  Šiauliai district municipality

The 7th County is Tauragė County        Capital Tauragė
Area in km² (rank) 4,411 (9)
Population in 2001 census 134,275    Population in 2011 census (rank) 109,790 (10)
Population per km² (rank) 24.9 (9)
Municipalities 4 of them
Jurbarkas district municipality,  Pagėgiai municipality,  Šilalė district municipality,  Tauragė district municipality

The 8th County is Telšiai County        Capital Telšiai
Area in km² (rank) 4,350 (10)
Population in 2001 census 179,885    Population in 2011 census (rank) 153,388 (8)
Population per km² (rank) 35.3 (6)
Municipalities 4 of them
Mažeikiai district municipality,  Plungė district municipality,  Rietavas municipality,  Telšiai district municipality

The 9th County is Utena County        Capital Utena
Area in km² (rank) 7,201 (5)
Population in 2001 census 185,962    Population in 2011 census (rank) 150,598 (9)
Population per km² (rank) 20.9 (10)
Municipalities 6 of them
Anykščiai district municipality,  Ignalina district municipality,  Molėtai district municipality,  Utena district municipality,  Visaginas municipality,  Zarasai district municipality

The 10th County is Vilnius County        Capital Vilnius
Area in km² (rank) 9,729 (1)
Population in 2001 census 850,064    Population in 2011 census (rank) 810,651 (1)
Population per km² (rank) 83.3 (1)
Municipalities 8 of them

Elektrėnai municipality,  Šalčininkai district municipality,  Širvintos district municipality,  Švenčionys district municipality,  Trakai district municipality,  Ukmergė district municipality,  Vilnius city municipality,  Vilnius district municipality

States or Counties of Lithuania


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