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Maskoliūnas graves in Cemetery in Siesikai
Maskoliūnas graves in Cemetery in Siesikai

While I was in Siesikai, LT, the town near Cesonys,

the birth place of my Grandfather [Jake], I photographed 36 gravestones
each containing the Maskoliun— names. I list the names on those gravestones below.
They are posted on this website because of the large number of Maskoliunas in
Siesikai, in Kaunas, Ukmerge and Vilnius, many of whom were born and died in Siesikai.
My hope is that we can tie together the many Maskoliunas
who come from central Lithuania.
I will be forever indebted to Gediminas Sataitis, a high school junior in Siesikai,
who walked 1.5 miles during his lunch hour to the Cemetery, not knowing that
I would be there to get my attention about my Grandfather’s school and bio he found on the Internet.
He helped me to tutor his fellow English students in Chemistry in the morning.
After school and basketball practice, he went to Cessonys with me to help translate,
taking only an ice cream bar from me at his Mom’s store in Siesikai.
Location of Siesikai, LT















??? Elizhieta                                          Kazimieras
… …                                                         Maskoliūnas    as
Adomas 1872-1945                              Maskoliūnienė    Wife
Agné 1888-1924                                   Maskoliūnai    ai
Agot … ……                                            Maskoliūnienė    Wife
Aldona 1934.x.16-2008.III.26          Maskoliūnai    ai
Alwné    Maskoliūnai    ai
Antanas                                                 Maskoliūnai    ai
Bronislava 1903-1976                         Maskoliūnienē    Wife
Elzbieta 1864-1942                             Maskoliūnai    ai
Ionas 1875-1961                                   Maskoliūnai    ai
Jodeniene Aleksandra 1909-1993    Maskoliūnų    ų
Jonas 1904-1974                                  Maskoliūnai    ai
Jonas 1911-1981                                   Maskoliūnai    ai
Jonas 1924-1975                                  Maskoliūnas    as
Juozapas 1890-1978                           Maskoliūnas    as
Jurgis 1874-1944                                 Maskoliūnai    ai
Kazimiera 1924-2002                        Maskoliūnienė    Wife
Leonas 1934.x.20-1985.IV.8            Maskoliūnai    ai
Marijona 1892-1959                          Staškūnai
Marijona 1910-1997                           Maskoliūnai    ai
Marijpna                                              Maskoliūnienė    Wife
Motiejus                                               Maskoliūnas    as
Mykolas 1870-1952                           Maskoliūnai    ai
Mykolas 1894-1946                           Maskoliūnas    as
Ona                                                       Maskoliūnienė    Wife
Ona 1917-2004                                   Maskoliūnienė    Wife
Ona 1920                                             Maskoliūnai    ai
Pramas   1919-1928                           Maskoliūnas    as
Pranas 1894-1963                             Maskoliūnas    as
Prané                                                   Maskoliūnai    ai
Šeima [a family is]                            Maskoliūnų    ų
Šema [a family is]                             Maskoliūnų    ų
Šema [a family is]                             Maskoliūnų    ų
Verǒnika 1885-1952                         Maskoliūnai    ai
Viktorija 1927-1987                          Maskoliūnienė    Wife

Maskoliūnas graves in Cemetery in Siesikai
Maskoliūnas graves in Cemetery in Siesikai

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