Announcing Maskoliūnas Family Project

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Maskoliūnas Family Project

We launched the Maskoliūnas Family Project website in 2012.

The address is:
This website are intended to help us share family facts.

(The Hisgen Family Project website [my paternal side] was launched at the same time.)
I am intent on finding our roots, but I need help in my quest FROM YOU!

Here is how YOU can help-
– Look through the various pages of your family website for names and relationships you may be familiar with.
– Contact your relatives and let them know about what we have found and ask if there is items which can be added.
– Any fact no matter how small should be sent to me.
– If you have a paper or spreadsheet family tree, send it to me and I will start your tree on Ancestry and add to it as their computer gives me links. I have full membership in Ancestry, which means I can access electronic world archives. I also have access to the LDS Family History Center in Salt Lake, which is currently separate from
– Within both families I communicate with “my genealogy buds” and work on individule trees to find common links. We have already linked four separate trees. I would be more than honored and grateful to start you tree on Ancestry or add to your tree.
– Send me an invite to your MyGenie or Tree if you have one or more. Please check “allow me to see living people.”
– Suggest ways of improving the websites. As you will see- I am sharing recipes, stories and access to family photos. Send photos, photocopies, electronic scans of material. I will return photos very promptly and have for many who have already shared including Pistolpete, Hisgen House, and the Lithuanian Museum.
– I will set up a question/answer page using the email I receive for others to respond to.

– Check back to the website every once in a while and help us more.

To facilitate my quest, I have:
1. traveled to Lithuania, Holland, Germany and various parts of the US- “Visiting my cousins”.
2. created many trees on after interviewing Hisgens and Maskoliūnas in Lithuania, the Netherlands, Germany, and the US, and share the current index below.
3. hired two professional genealogists – one in Vilnius, Lithuania and one in Koblenz, Germany.
4. created two Projects with two websites- Maskoliūnas Family Project and Hisgen Family Project.
5. am ready to share with ALL Maskoliūnas and Hisgens, and their relatives.

Access to these trees: Call Harv Hisgen 1-303-816-7424 [landline] or 1-303-912-9939 [cell\mobile] or email: I will have or send an invite to you by email. I will therefore need your email address. If you need help navigating all the bells and whistles on Ancestry – call or Skype [harvhisgen] me.
If you run into paying for Ancestry membership when accessing the tree invite, this can be avoided – by using their 14-day Free trial and canceling at the end of the 14 days. Talk with me. I also have full world membership and therefore access to the computer links.



Sincerely,                                        Harv Hisgen

Who is this Harv Hisgen? I am a retired Chemistry professor, married to Bonnie-Jean (nee Allen) with three married sons and 8 grandchildren. I have a strong interest in genealogy, cross stitching, climbing Colorado 14,000 ft mountains and doing what I say I will do. I am national vice president of the American Discovery Trail Society and president of the Pike National Historic Trail Association. I enjoy retirement and do what I can to travel before old age takes over.

1 thought on “Announcing Maskoliūnas Family Project”

  1. Harvey Allan Hisgen,
    Im Angele Strelciuniene grandoughter of Marijonas Maskoliunas Yours grandfather JOKUBAS sisters,who was born in Cesoniu village ,Siesiku region.She had two daughters Ona and Stefanija.Im Stefanija daughter,my grandmother Marijona talked about you very much,she talked about two brothers from JAV Adomas and Jokubas,we were getting gifts but after some time we lost connection.Grandmother is burried in Siesiku cemetery.I live in Vilnius.I will meet you in airport in may 6.
    My phone number is 867414424

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